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Opportunity Diamonds

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

The Arcona community has a system of ratings and guilds. The higher your status, the more opportunities and privileges you get in all games, contests and promotions in the world of Arcona. Soon the ranking system will be integrated into Arcona's Plat2Earn games, including Treasure Hunt and Castles and Dragons.

Diamond drop

Thanks to the Fox Hustle team and @slyyfoxy, we have updated our Telegram bot Eva. Now she has learned to track the history and dynamics of your communication, and based on this data, set a rating for activity and positive!

Ratings, according to the long tradition of Arkonov, are measured in diamonds - from 1 to 11. And for productive communication in chats, you can get up to three diamonds.

But, of course, your rating is not only conversations on social networks. The main thing is your contribution to the construction and development of the metauniverse! Additional diamonds receive:

• Owners of NFT Arcona;

• Owners of the Digital Lands;

• ARCONA tokenholders;

• Directors, hunters, participants of tournaments and other Arcona competitions;

• People who promote the Metaverse on external platforms;

• 3D artists and project authors who work on the lands of Arcona.

Ratings and accumulated experience you will see in your profile. To do this, use the /profile command. Here you can record your new achievements. Active communication, new victories and purchases bring additional experience points, our smart bot will inform you about this by sending promotional codes. Register them in your profile with the /promo command and get new diamonds.

Guild Rules

Our community is constantly expanding. People with a variety of interests, preferences and goals join the Arcona metaverse. These are gambling treasure hunters, practical investors, NFT collectors, talented 3D artists and directors, owners of the Digital Lands.

So that everyone can find pleasant conversationalists, worthy opponents in games or business partners in augmented reality, we suggest joining the Arcona guilds. So far there are four of them: Hunters, Traders, Landowners and Artists. Various events, competitions and special offers will be organized for each of the guilds. We will also gladly support any initiatives that will be born within the guilds!

Use the /guilds command to select your guild.

How to use the bot EVA

Through the efforts of the Fox Hustle team, our Telegram bot is constantly evolving. Eva already knows the answers to many of the questions you often ask.

Here are just a few standard commands:

/stats - statistics and price of $Arcona

/buy - list of sites where you can buy tokens

/profile - your profile

/guilds - list of guilds

/guild - your guild

/top - ratings of all participants

/topguild - guild rankings

/topmyguild - your guild ranking

/castle - gallery of packs of the game "Castles and Dragons"

Over time, the rating system will be launched in other social networks and integrated into Arcona's Plat2Earn games.

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