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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Parables about finding passive income

Tour to London in search of passive income
Tour to London in search of passive income

John and James at the poker club.

Two gentlemen - John and James - dropped into a poker club one day.After buying gaming chips for a decent amount, they come to the table, but instead of sitting down with other players and starting the game, they ask the dealer a question: “Dear, when will we start paying our dividends?”

The dealer, surprised by this question, does not know how to answer. And other players at the table, hearing this question, are also surprised.

They wonder what these gentlemen are talking about, because on the sign above the doorbell it was written that this is a club where gentlemen play poker.

Finally, the dealer measures up and answers the question: “I'm afraid, gentlemen, you've got the wrong house. Here we play poker and do not pay passive income, only winnings at the card table.”

The gentlemen, realizing their mistake, smile and raise their bowlers and laugh: “Sorry, we thought that this club was an investment club, not a card club. We were wrong.”

The dealer, laughing, replies: “Well, gentlemen, now that you know what our club is like, why don’t you join the game?”

And two gentlemen sit down at the table to play their first game of poker.


Gentlemen looking for passive income from gaming chipsGentlemen looking for passive income from gaming chips
Gentlemen looking for passive income from gaming chips

John and James at Lunapark

One day John and James decided to visit Luna Park. So they bought a whole handful of tokens for the carousel and went to the largest spinner with horses.

However, instead of having fun on the rides, they approached the ticket office with the question: “When will we finally get our dividends?”

All visitors to the park were surprised when they heard this question. They didn't understand what these gentlemen were talking about. After all, they came not to receive dividends, but to have fun at the amusement park.

The cashier, who was already accustomed to strange questions, tried to explain to the gentlemen that they were in Luna Park, and not in a bank on Wall Street.

The gentlemen realized their mistake and apologized with a smile. They joined other visitors and began to have fun on various attractions.


Gentlemen looking for passive income from amusement park tokens
Gentlemen looking for passive income from amusement park tokens

John and James and free tokens.

One day, our gentlemen John and James were sitting in a card club, but were completely immersed in the dream of passive income.

Lost in their sorrows, they suddenly received a handful of free game tokens from the dealer.

Although it was not a bank but a gambling club, it was a great opportunity for gentlemen to feel better by playing for free tokens and maybe even win and finally find their happiness with dear pounds sterling.

However, being upset, the gentlemen refused the chance given to them, continuing to grumble and murmur.

John and James considered it beneath their dignity to understand the intricacies of these card games of yours and play with anyone.

Thus, they were unable to get closer to their dream, missing the opportunity.


John and James at the Casino
John and James at the Casino

John and James at the Casino

One day our old friends, gentlemen John and James, decided to visit the casino and try their luck in the game.

They bought some roulette chips and headed to the gaming tables.

However, instead of starting to play, they simply stood at the table, nervously clutching their chips in their hands.

They were so overwhelmed by the need to do something with the chips that they did not even dare to make their first bet.

Finally, after several hours in the casino, they left completely upset and disappointed.

They never decided to play a single game, and left with the same thing they came to the tables with - with chips clutched in their fists.

The croupier, observing their frustration, just shook his head and said: “It’s a pity that the gentlemen did not understand that winning is the result of actions, not inactions.”


The gentlemen realized that the income from chips is only in the game at the card table
The gentlemen realized that the income from chips is only in the game at the card table

One day, two gentlemen, Mr. John and Sir James, set out to visit a card game club located in the heart of London. The purpose of the voyage was to acquire tokens for playing noble bridge.

Having paid a very significant amount for the coveted tokens, they, however, were in no hurry to take their places at the table among other players. Instead, they turned to the croupier with a statement that from now on the establishment is obliged to provide them with a pension in the form of passive income for their extremely valuable financial investments.

While they were heatedly discussing their unexpected statement with the croupier, a wise Chinese man, Mr. Lao Pao, appeared within the walls of the club. He arrived in the British capital from China and lived at the Ritz Hotel on the corner of Piccadilly and Green Park.

Seeing the dispute that arose, the wise Mr. Lao Pao invited the two gentlemen, Mr. John and Sir James, to imagine the following situation. They had to cross to the opposite bank of the Thames, using the services of a boatman, and pay for his work.

He then invited Mr. John and Sir James, and all the members of the club, to imagine how, after paying for the crossing, the gentlemen on the ferry, in the middle of the Thames, suddenly demanded that the ferryman pay dividends for investing in his business.

With a smile in his white mustache, Mr. Lao Pao looked at Mr. John and Sir James. He invited everyone present to imagine what would happen to the gentlemen and how the boatman would react to their demand.

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