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Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Petrozavodsk is the First City in the World to Become a Part of the Metaverse!

The City as Art project in Petrozavodsk is the largest AR-zone in the Earth, which stretches over an entire city. There is everything here: the reconstruction of long-abandoned buildings, digital art objects, interactive AR quests and immersive advertising. In short, an alternative city has grown on the banks of Onega, which now lives in two realities simultaneously.

The official opening of the project took place on June 25, just in time for the birthday of Petrozavodsk. In celebration of the event, our partners, the Create Ptz team invited the heads of the Republic and, of course, the local residents to the first excursion along the AR routes.

This year the city day was devoted to the 350th anniversary of its founder - Peter I. Therefore, a special event was the return of the ancient traveling palace of the emperor. Its detailed reconstruction occupied one of the central points of the Historical Route.

There are already three such routes and each of them has its own way.

The historical route is AR Time Machine with the navigator on 5 eras of formation of Petrozavodsk in the format of alive stories.

The art route leads by the famous city sculptures, the appearance of which even in the physical world is amazing, but now they have received animated look-alikes in augmented reality.

And finally, an exciting digital trail through the secret places of Petrozavodsk - unique galleries, workshops and art sites, where the genius of the city is born. Each route has its own chips - all sorts of Easter eggs, mini-games, pleasant bonuses from local institutions, galleries and hotels.

The City as Art is an open project, which means everyone can contribute to it creatively. AR routes are built on the technological platform Arcona, which allows users to set up their own virtual models anywhere in the world. And on the streets of Petrozavodsk you can already find dozens of works by local 3D artists.

This is the first such a large-scale project in the Augmented Reality Metaworld, AR routes network stretched for tens of kilometers, linking the most significant places of the city in the augmented reality.

And that's just the beginning! Create Ptz is creating a modern creative space - bright and vibrant, which will be constantly expanding with the work of local artists, designers and businessmen projects.

The City as Art is a perfect illustration of the ideology of the Arcona meta-universe, which is created and expanded by the creative efforts of all its residents.

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1 Comment

Jun 29, 2022

This is a whole, AR-cluster, the city of Petrozavodsk. By and large, the entire city and its surroundings have become one big augmented reality zone, based on the Arkona meta-village. Plus, the advertising cases, which can be applied inside the application on billboards and easels, are all working products, and each has its own effectiveness and target audience.😉

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