Petrozavodsk is the First City in the World to Become a Part of the Metaverse!

Updated: Jul 12

The City as Art project in Petrozavodsk is the largest AR-zone in the Earth, which stretches over an entire city. There is everything here: the reconstruction of long-abandoned buildings, digital art objects, interactive AR quests and immersive advertising. In short, an alternative city has grown on the banks of Onega, which now lives in two realities simultaneously.

The official opening of the project took place on June 25, just in time for the birthday of Petrozavodsk. In celebration of the event, our partners, the Create Ptz team invited the heads of the Republic and, of course, the local residents to the first excursion along the AR routes.

This year the city day was devoted to the 350th anniversary of its founder - Peter I. Therefore, a special event was the return of the ancient traveling palace of the emperor. Its detailed reconstruction occupied one of the central points of the Historical Route.

There are already three such routes and each of them has its own way.

The historical route is AR Time Machine with the navigator on 5 eras of formation of Petrozavodsk in the format of alive stories.

The art route leads by the famous city sculptures, the appearance of which even in the physical world is amazing, but now they have received animated look-alikes in augmented reality.