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Updated: Jan 11

💰Play to earn real money in Golden Rush in the world of Arcona X-Reality metaverse.

💎 You can start this adventure right now. Install the Arcona XR Metaverse app and go hunting in augmented reality for treasure chests and various loot boxes.

🏆 Each of the chests hides a different amount of silver coins.

The main rule of the Golden Rush hunter:

1) 10000 silver coins = 2 ARCONA.

2) The exchange coefficient is 0.45. You can multiply the sum of withdrawals by 4, thanks to experience gained during social activities.

3) The holding of ARCONA tokens in the Ethereum network of (ERC-20) gives you the right to exchange.

4) Before the exchange, you need to have enough (in the amount corresponding to the hunter's level) ARCONA tokes (ERC-20).

5) If your balance is below the current level for more than 5 days, then your level will be decreased by 1 (to 1 inclusive).

6) At each level, you can make only one exchange according to the available limit.

7) The exchange limit increases according to levels from 10 to 40M of silver.

8) The hunter's income can be increased to x4 with experience points.

9) Increasing the level reduces the amount of the additional holding of ARCONA tokens (ERC-20) by ~ 10%.

10) Experience points are reset on the 1st of each month.

11) You need to specify the wallet address (Erc-20) in the Eva bot to withdraw silver. The exchange of game silver coins for ARCONA tokens (BSC) is carried out by using the Arcona Exchange Card of the corresponding denomination.

12) You need to send an exchange request in the telegram chat with the hashtag #exchange.

13) The request must contain the Exchange Card transaction hash, screenshots of the silver balance in the game center before the summoning of the red dragon and afterwards.

14)Before you start hunting, study all the rules and instructions:

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