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Polars x Arcona Partnership

Arcona XR Metaverse has sponsored the Big Trading Competition, which kicks off on December 3rd on the Polars network. Unique NFT Arcona Castles will be drawn among the winners. It is a source of income in the augmented reality world and a key element of the new Play-to-Earn game, Castles and Dragons, which will soon unfold in the lands of Arcona.

Among all the participants in the Big Trading Competition, we will give away 200 NFT Feods. This is the core of your future land holdings in the world of Arcona. They combine a group of Digital Lands into a single domain, which is necessary to create their own AR projects. Also, NFT Feods give privileges to participants in all games and promotions in Arcona.

Arcona is the only AR metaverse where you can become an aristocrat by adding a title of nobility, allotment and family castle to your name. This is an award for participation in the creation of the Augmented Reality World, in the development of its economy and the discovery of new lands.

The NFT Arcona smart contract records your ownership rights, ownership history, as well as an animated 3D model that can be easily demonstrated in the real world using AR technology. They can be collected, sold on sites like OpenSea, or used in other tokenized projects.

Our total Polars Big Trading Competition prize pool will exceed $ 10k.

Tournament of Two Dragons

During the Big Trade Competition, Polars Arcona will hold its own competition - the Tournament of Two Dragons. They will be held on December 5 and 11.

The best treasure hunters in the world of augmented reality will unite in the White and Black Dragon Guilds. They will simultaneously go in search of treasures in different parts of the world.

The guild, the players of which will be the fastest and the luckiest and will be the first to collect more coins, will be declared the winner of the Tournament. Competition time is limited, so it won't be easy to win!

We will inform you about the start of accepting bets on the outcome of the Tournament additionally, but for now there is time to prepare for the competition.

If you want to join one of the guilds, join the Treasure Hunt now. This will help you correctly assess the capabilities of the players, get to know the new world of augmented reality better and, of course, earn ARCONA tokens!

For this:

Explore its capabilities and go in search of treasures!

You can find basic information about Arcona here

Channel for communication

If you are planning to place bets on the outcome of the Tournament in the Polars system,

register on the platform and enter the Big Trading Competition.

You can find basic information about Polars here

Communication channel

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