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Snowball fight | Win and Earn

Have a nice New Year everyone! The Arcona X-Reality Metaverse team has prepared a small surprise for all the inhabitants of the augmented reality world. These days we all become a little children. We play, make snowmen, build snow fortresses and throw snowballs.

We invite you to participate in our winter fun, let's call it the snowballs fight. Anyone who wants to capture new sites in the World of Arkona during the holidays will be able to compete for a prize.

The rules of the game are very simple: from January 3 to January 7, every day, at 12:00 UTC, we will randomly select one piece of land among all purchased during the day. The owner of the winning plot will receive a reward equal to 10% of total ARCONA's daily fee for land purchase and content installation.

Join our snowballs fight. Win and earn. Follow the news in our official channels, and participate in discussions.

The Arcona X-Reality Metaverse team has launched an official Russian language news channel. Subscribe to the channel and join the official metaverse group

We will be happy to discuss news and issues related to the development of the world of augmented reality.

The policy of attracting the community to administer the group will remain. We invite you to apply for administrator rights. Volunteer team assistants will be assigned volunteer status.

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