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Updated: Jan 10

Arcona Metaverse Opens May's Sunday Fly Tournament Series

The event precedes the launch of the GameFi functionality of the World of Castles and Dragons - the beginning of the withdrawal of silver mined in landlord castles into gold and crypto.

A series of tournaments will provide an exclusive opportunity to receive titles and castles as a reward, as well as compete for a prize pool in ARCONA tokens.

PRIZE FUND The total prize fund of the tournament will be more than 40,000 USD.

The prizes will include ARCONA tokens, and we will also give away NFT titles and castles for the last time.

TOURNAMENT REGULATIONS The Sunday Fly tournaments will take place on Sundays from 11:00 to 13:00 UTC.

The winner of each round will be able to exchange the silver mined during the competition without any addition conditions like an exchange card, holding ARCONA tokens and social experience points.

The Grand Prix will be awarded to the player with the most Combat Experience collected by four tours.

For all the participants of the each tour, with the exception of the player who collected the least silver, we will launch the Wheel of Fortune with a drawing of valuable prizes. APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION

To apply for participation in the tournament, you must:

Sending by the player until 10-00 UTC Sunday of the tournament ticket to the system address

Sending a message to a telegram chat containing:

  • transaction hash of the tournament ticket,

  • tag #tournament,

  • nickname of the player on the portal


For the duration of the tournament, the exchange rate will be set

1 tour - 1 ARCONA / 2000 silver.

2 tour - 1 ARCONA / 3000 silver.

3 tour - 1 ARCONA / 4000 silver.

4 tour - 1 ARCONA / 5000 silver.

TOURNAMENT TICKETS The right to participate in the tournament is given by tournament tickets of three levels. The level and cost of tickets determines the multiplier of silver obtained by the player.

Silver.......... X1 price 100 ARCONA

Golden……X5 price 500 ARCONA

Platinum… X10 price 1000 ARCONA

The gold and platinum ticket multiplier allows the player to multiply the amount of silver mined during the tour to exchange for ARCONA tokens.

Also you can win the silver tickets in our contests or buy them for Minter network tokens.


Attention! Scammers, cheaters and bug-users will be banned without warning. Everyone who discovered and first reports vulnerabilities to the team will be rewarded.

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