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Reward Program Announced

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

150,000 ARCONA Coins

30 Okt. 2020 - Jan. 2021*

*The team reserves the right to make adjustments

We have great news! Today we are announcing a bonus program for Arcona Metaverse Explorers with a prize pool of 150,000 coins.

We invite you to walk in a parallel world or create your own reality. Here you can launch an AR project on a nearby street or on another continent with one click. You don't need any special knowledge, just have fun combining reality and cyberspace into a world of augmented reality.

We invite you to become part of the community of cyberspace pioneers and scouts who are ready to actively contribute to the development of a new reality, receiving reasonable rewards for their efforts.

Do you want to know more? Join our Rewards Program! You can easily subscribe to the campaign to participate in our tests and promotions.

The dive starts here!


Total pool: 150,000 ARCONA

Bitcoin Talk Signature - 50%

Twitter - 25%*

Technical Activities -25%

*We reserve the right to change the initial allocation.


General rules

Please make sure you read and agree to all the following rules carefully before you enroll in the reward program:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Citizens from the US, North Korea, and Iran are not allowed to take part in this program due to legal restrictions.

  • You may take part in one, several, or all reward programs.

  • You must strictly follow the guidelines as described in each campaign in order to be eligible for points.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification

  • Using multiple emails, wallet addresses, accounts, bots, cheating, copy/paste of content or impersonating someone else is not allowed. You may lose all your points at any time before the mainnet launch if any rules violation occurs. The team reserves the right to and will disqualify any accounts suspected of cheating or breaking the rules without any explanation.

  • If you have any questions regarding the program or activities please PM one of the following team members directly on telegram: @daruma @dianasorina

  • The full pool of signature rewards (75,000 Arcona) will be allocated if the company has a minimum of 30 active members. Otherwise, the final pool of rewards that will be divided among everything will be = 2500 Arcona * Number of participants.


Technical Activities.

How to participate?

Register by link Anyone can take part in the activity without restrictions.

You can connect any number of mobile devices of your referals and share your reward with them. Install the application from the AppStore on iPhone or iPad. Log in through the Game Center and remember your Nickname Return to the AppStore and using Nickname from the game center write a positive feedback of the app at least 100 characters Put the application 5 or 4 stars on the AppStore Use a feature from the app called "Get a screenshot in augmented realityand share on a social network"  - get points in the game center for at least one screenshot. Points: Put a stars                   -  1 credit Complete a Comment   -  2 credits   Screnshot                     -  1 credit Referral account           -  1 credit

Promotion Activities.

How to participate in the Twitter company?

Register by link Tweets / comments, etc. are valid only in English Follow the official Twitter account throughout the campaign Like 3 tweets from Comment on 3 tweets from Comments like "good project", "excellent", "really like it", etc. are not taken into account. Try to come up with something meaningful. Retweet 3 tweets from Completion of required tweets and actions within 1-3 days will not be counted. Please spread tweets, retweets, likes, comments throughout the week. Create a tweet that starts with With @arconametaverse i'm free to ... and end it with your thoughts. Please enable hashtags: #AR #Blockchain #augmentedreality #Cryptocurrency and tag us on twitter @arconametaverse Points: Follow official account - 1 credit Like 3 tweets - 1 credit / week Comment on 3 tweets - 1 credit / week Retweet 3 tweets - 1 credit / week Complete a tweet - 2 credits

How to participate in the Bitcointalk subscription program?

Leave a comment in forum thread of the following nature:

#REGISTRATION Bitcointalk profile link: Bitcointalk status: Ethereum wallet address:

Choose a signature according to your status from this post. Use it throughout your campaign. Add one of the avatars to increase your reward.

You must have at least 15 posts per week. Please note that performance reports for compensation are not counted.


Jr. Member - 3 credits/week

Member/Copper member - 4 credits/week

Full member - 5 credits/week

Sr. Member - 8 credits/week

Hero member - 9 credits/week

Legendary - 10 credits/week

Avatar - 2 credits/week

Table with all the participants

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