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Arcona is announcing a new farming program that will allow liquidity providers to receive for staking the rewards as the Arcona Castles, and some of useful additions to them.

As we informed earlier, Arcona Castles will provide a permanent source of income for landowners. The lords of Domains of all levels, starting with the feod, will be able to build castles.

Aristocratic titles will increase treasury profitability, and dragons, wyverns, gargoyles and other fantastic creatures will protect locks from burglary.

We start on September 23 on the Ethereum network with Unicrypt farm for liquidity providers in the ARCONA / ETH Uniswap pool, which will run for 6 months. In the near future, we will add some our own farms, which will allow us to diversify prizes and add LP in different networks.

The team creates a prize pool consisting of a series of castles, fantastic critters, silver mines, markets and money changers, and other useful assets. Within a week we will post information and accept your suggestions.

Early for farm 2.0, we have collected donations from the community of 300,000 ARCONA for the reward pool. This time we invite everyone who likes the idea to take part in charity auctions somne of our NFTs the titles and domains, the proceeds from which will go to an award fund to incentivize farmers.

You can also send your donation with ARCONA tokens to address:

💎 0x63E295D2A080f951BbF223528F7F4A300ff40356

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