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The Most Current NFTs Collection - Arcona Dream Card

The NFT Arcona Dream Card gives you the opportunity to buy Digital Lands at up to 40% off, depending on the denomination of the card.

Buy your cards now and exchange them for land anywhere on the planet on the best terms!

Arcona Marketplace is being fully upgraded to WEB 3.0 standards. The portal is turning into a multichain platform, where you will be able to buy and sell any Arcona digital assets in several blockchain networks with minimal transaction fees. We will have an interactive interface for selecting Digital Land plots.

This means that after the launch of the new version of the Marketplace you will be able to exchange Arcona Dream Card for lands in the blockchain network convenient for you and without additional costs.

Arcona Marketplace will have a land valuation algorithm. The value of a particular land plot will be determined depending on the popularity of the location, the value of real world objects and the quality of AR projects in the vicinity of the plot. On average, the cost of land may increase by 10% -15%, and in the most popular places - many times over.

For holders of Arcona Dream Card the price of land will not change!

As a reminder, Digital Land is Arcona XR Metaverse's most valuable and reliable asset.

The global layer of augmented reality has already covered the planet. It's where all the most interesting things happen - games, virtual shows and exhibitions, historical reconstructions and much more.

When you buy a piece of Digital Land, you become its rightful owner.

Digital Land is divided into plots of 100 m2. Each one is a unique NFT ARDL. Geographical coordinates, main characteristics and ownership rights are fixed in its smart contract.

You can resell raw plots inside and outside the system, lease, and most importantly, develop and equip your territories.

On the Digital Land you can organize a paid attraction and receive income from each user, or you can arrange a virtual show that will attract the attention of a huge number of people, and make a profit from interested advertisers.

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