The second stage of the "Gold Rush".

The second stage of the Gold Rush project start off at the Arcona Metaverse.

Following the Gold Rush concept, Arcona will open several gambling zones for merchants and landowners in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau, Atlantic City.

The "Wheel of Fortune" will rotate daily, and the names of the lucky ones who will receive a prize - 50% of the game fee will be announced. The remaining 50% of the proceeds will go to the prize pool, from which the Jackpot will be formed.

At the end of each month there will be a super game in which we will take into account all the bets made in the play area. The lucky person of the month will win the Jackpot.

If there was no winner in a monthly game, the funds will be returned to the prize pool and raffled at the end of the next month. At the end of the year, a super Jackpot will be drawn.

The first Arcona "Wheel of Fortune" kicks off on August 1st in Las Vegas, the world's gambling capital.

There will be 38 land parcels in the game, 36 of which will be owned by the players, and the player's bet is to place the treasure chest on the digital land parcel. One such bet will cost 100 ARCONA.

The draw will include transactions completed within 24 hours. You will receive winnings in ARCONA tokens of the Ethereum, Binance or Minter network, depending on the status of the game zone or events that will be announced in advance.

A special prize of $ 1,000 in ARCONA Tokens (BSC) will be awarded to the first player whose chest is opened within 24 hours by one of the treasure hunters (mobile app user in AR world).

How to become a member of Arcona's Wheel of Fortune?

To become a member of a private club of players, you need to become the owner of one of the 36 sections of the play area and prepare game pieces - treasure chests.

All 36 sections of the Wheel of Fortune in each gambling area will only be exchanged for Arcona NFT domains, which can be obtained from ARCONA farms.

For the game, it is enough to have an NFT - a treasure chest. Bet - placing a chest on a land plot in the "Wheel of Fortune" gambling area once per round.

If you don't already have a set of two NFTs - a Domain and a Treasure Chest, then you can purchase them right now on OpenSea.