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🔥The team has completed a major metaverse update

✅ Combining lands with a common border into domains is available in the section of the My Land portal.

♨️ To unite the lands, you will need the corresponding NFT of the domain on the wallet that is connected to the account.

♨️ If the required NFT is not on the wallet, you will get the opportunity to purchase a Domain token at the time of land unite.

♨️ New NFT Domains are issued using the Lazy Minting system. The NFT Domains created by you can be used within the Metaverse, including trading without commissions on the internal market. *

♨️ To trade on external markets, internal Domain tokens must be withdrawn by user self-minting into one of the available blockchain networks. **

✅ Previously, we opened the My Content section, where you can see the NFT content of your inventory released for the Castles and Dragons GameFi project.

⏳ Domain Tokens and other NFTs issued on the BSC network, as well as NFTs from third-party projects, will be added to the platform during the next updates.

(* & ** under development, see roadmap)

👩🏻‍💻 Roadmap of the next series of ecosystem updates:

⚛️ Open all the lands, domains and castles of users on the World map.

⚛️ Option for daily rent of system lands and domains.

⚛️ AR content remote control systems

⚛️ Deployment Castles and content inside castles.

⚛️ Deployment third party NFTs

⚛️ Staking option,

⚛️ Exchange of silver for ARCONA tokens

⚛️ Exchange of silver for Gold of Arkona.

⚛️ Opening Marketplace for P2P trading.

⚛️ Minting NFT on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon networks

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