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Tournament of Two Dragons

🐲 On Sunday, the lands of Arcona will host the grand Tournament of Two Dragons - a competition for the most experienced treasure hunters! 🐲

🎲 This time, not only our users, but also the community of the Polars project - platforms where the most gambling players have gathered - will follow the competitions and place bets on the winners.

🔥 Everyone who wants to join the clans of the White or Black Dragons and compete for the championship is invited to register before 18.00 GMT on Thursday.

🔥 Make requests in the telegram chat Arcona, indicating your nickname in the game center and the hashtag #dragon. The distribution among the clans will take place automatically, taking into account your previous ratings.

🕰 The tournament will run from 11.00 to 12.00 GMT on Sunday. The team that collects the most silver in an hour wins.

🏆 The winning clan will receive 10% of the bets placed in Arcona!

🎁 Among all the hunters of the Tournament, we will give away prizes from the Arcona metaverse!

🔗 Join hunting clans, place bets, read about the joint project of Arcona and Polars:

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