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Trends 2024: Digital Сontent Evolution

We continue to talk about the most important XR industry trends that await us in 2024.

There is great news for us - the inhabitants of metaverses! Experts assure that very soon in XR worlds there will be much more high-quality and varied content. And most importantly, users themselves will be able to create it!

We have already told you about how the fusion of artificial intelligence and augmented reality greatly accelerates the creation of immersive content. The first networks that generate 3D models based on textual cues and pictures have appeared. Very simple models so far, but it's a good start. It's somewhat reminiscent of the revolution that Adobe Photoshop did years ago in terms of 2D illustrations.

Another very handy way to create 3D content is scanning. Nowadays, the power and functionality of smartphones are increasing at a tremendous rate. We are no longer surprised by the ability to make not only a photo, but also a digital "cast" of an object from the real world. And the rapid development of technologies such as MERF (Multi-Echo Resonance Fusion), SMERF (Spectral Multi-Echo Resonance Fusion), NERF (Neural Radiance Fields) and Gaussian Splatting promises to make this process as easy as possible. Hopefully, as early as this year we will be able to make more detailed and realistic 3D scans that will be easy and convenient to place in the XR environment.

The new feature is "bringing memories to life." Smartphones already know how to take spatial photos and videos, and XR headsets know how to play them back with immersive effects, and it looks like this year we'll be able to view our media archives in AR mode.

And here, of course, Apple wasn't left out, demonstrating the ability to relive memories on the Vision Pro using spatialized video recorded on the iPhone 15. And early users admit it's an extremely emotional experience, as if they've been transported back in time.

But even if you don't have a Vision Pro headset yet, you can already place your spatial videos on screens in the Arcona world - the effect will be no less vivid! And of course, any 3D content you create will always find its place in the Digital Lands of our metaverse.

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