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The developers of the metaverse announce a series of GameFI updates for the Castles and Dragons project.

At the end of last week, the total amount of silver mined was distributed among the castles.

Fixed an error in displaying the total balance of silver mined by castles. The balance showed the amount of silver collected in boost mode. At the moment, the indicators of all castles and the overall silver balance are set to normal.

Data for each castle can already be viewed by clicking on the lands in your possessions on the World map. The amount of silver collected by the castle is displayed on the tab - Earth Contains in the description section of the Castle, in the line Currently mined.

At the moment, this figure is updated by clicking on the hex, and the total balance is summed up and dynamically reflected in the total balance.

Until the end of the week, a number of updates and amendments to the interface will be carried out. Next week we will start public tests of the staking and silver withdrawing

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