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How long have you been looked over the Arcona World map?

There have been many interesting changes here. Now on the map you will see not only free and redeemed areas of the Digital Land, but also find castles that our landlords h

ave already installed. Yes, those most beautiful medieval castles in which chests with silver are hidden!

To find the castle on the map, select the Content tab, zoom in on the markers to the maximum and click on the pink hex.

All the necessary information ab

out the owner, location and status of the model will be displayed in the upper left corner.

So you can easily find the fortress in the real world, admire it through the application and maybe try to grab a couple of chests with coins.

The combat functionality of capturing castles will be connected in the near future. In the meantime, check the map to choose a suitable fortress for the raid.

But do not forget, you may be in for a surprise: some castles are guarded by brave artillerymen and vicious wyverns. And our landlords continue to gather armies of brave castle defenders!

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