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XR Contact Lenses due in 2026

XR equipment developers never tire of surprising us with absolutely fantastic innovations.


The excitement associated with the release of Apple Vision Pro is just beginning to fade, and here comes a new sensation!


Four prototypes of smart contact lenses were unveiled by Xpaneo company at the Mobile World Congress.


At the first show, Xpaneo, a well-known innovator in the XR display market, demonstrated individual lens models with different functions.


These are not only XR effects, but also access to video calling, social networking, content viewing, health monitoring and of course, vision enhancement.

But the company's goal is to release perfectly comfortable, ultra-thin lenses with universal functionality by 2026. Reportedly they'll feature a microscopic 1-pixel screen for content, ultra-transparent technology for XR, and nanoparticles for super vision.


The company even promises to integrate a neural interface to control the lens with your brain. Sounds like real magic!


 According to the developers, their lenses will completely replace bulky helmets and uncomfortable glasses. And if Xpaneo successfully implements its grandiose plans, the company will become the creator of the real Holy Grail of wearable devices and, of course, an unrivaled leader in one of the most promising markets.


 After all, Google and Mojo Vision have already dropped out of the race. And of the known competitors we can only mention Blink Energy and InWith, whose smart lenses we haven't seen yet.


We are looking forward to the new futuristic gadget, and in the meantime, let's explore all the known details of the product Xpaneo presentation.

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