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Any statements made on behalf of the company reflect a desire to inform the community, but do not constitute investment promises or commitments.

2021 Q4

Launch of the Play-2-Earn game "Castles and Dragons"


  • Single account for app and web portal linked to cryptocurrency wallet

  • Castles collection presentation

  • Presentation of the main game units

  • Castles and game units auctions

  • Consolidation of NFT lands with a common boundary in the NFT Domain

  • Installing Castles in Domains via the WEB Portal

  • Initializing Castles  using NFT crests

 Research and development 

  • Mobile application on Android OS 

  • Spatial data scanner for creating 3D maps of locations based on the spatial data shared by the user. 



  • Increase of Bancor co-investment in ARCONA \ BNT liquidity pool from 50 to 500 thousand BNT

  • Listing on few CEX 

  • Launch of partner projects with complimentary companies.

  • Launch of the urban AR environment in Petrozavodsk.

  • Service for posting content and AR-advertising

2022 Q1- Q4


Play-2-Earn Game  - "Castles and Dragons"


  •  Implementation of Wrapped NFT (WNFT) units for ARCONA staking.

  • Launching the game of mechanics and mining silver in the treasury of the castle

  • Installing WNFT units in Castle slots:

  1. Silver mines

  2. Moneychangers shop - to exchange silver for ARCONA tokens;

  3. Arms shops - sale of weapons and ammunition

  4. Witch doctor' shops - sale of immunity

  5. Markets - Users can sell their digital content

  6. Dragon Farms - The owner of the castle can breed dragons for sale.

  • Implementation of dynamic NFT - dragon eggs - dragon, etc.

  • Opening the P2P market for NFT assets in AR advertising

  • Creation of game guilds: hunters, merchants, free masons

  • Start of sublease of land by users from land lords.

  • Introducing the PvP mode into the game:

  1.  capturing castles treasury

  2.  ordering player to capture castle

 Research and development 


  • Redesign of the NFT marketplace on the Arcona portal

  • System adaptation to multi-blockchain environment

  • Launch of a smart contract factory for farms.

  •  Launching 3D layouts of locations based on the spatial data shared by the user.

  • Launch of SaaS with a content management system in a VR environment on a 3D location map

  • Arcona SDK for commercial use by AR / XR / MR application developers.


  •  Listing on the top stock exchange.

  •  Investment round.

  •  Launch of an advertising campaign.

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