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Castles and Dragons GameFi will immerse you in a fantasy universe where magic and technology merge and connect with each other across the land in an augmented reality space.


Here, the world of steampunk , balloons and Victorian steam engines collide with the magic of the Middle Ages, where magical creatures rule and fantastic animals and plants live.In order to protect their possessions, players from the technological world will have to hire and train various troops!


Train the crews of skyships and lead the air forces into battle personally, in augmented reality space or remotely using the planet map on the WEB portal.

At your disposal are several types of ships of the sky galleon flotilla.


Each ship has three decks and 8 guns on board. Galleons can take on board from a few dozen to hundreds of combat units.


Attack and capacity indicators depend on the level of the ship.Attack castles, get silver, gold, valuable artifacts and increase the income of your Castles.

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Sky Galleons

Small Sky Galleon

Medium Sky Galleon

Great Sky Galleon

Sky Whalers

Sky Whaler “Santa Maria”

Sky Whaler “San Juan”

 Sky Whaler “Santa Ana”

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