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Download the actual version of Arcona XR Metaverse Mobile App - Augmented Reality Viewer

Arcona Metareality AR Viewer for iOS
Arcona Metareality AR Viewer for Android

First step to dive Metareality

  1.  Make several movements with the device from side to side.

  2.  Green dots mean the device is finding the correct plane.

  3.  Touch the green dots on the screen.

  4.  See tooltips for UI buttons.

  5.  Click the cross "Close UI Tooltip".

  6.  Start walking ahead

  7.  Meet interactive content  each 12  meters

Metareality Wanderer's Cockpit

Arcona Metareality AR Viewer  Hint page

A hint appears every time after initializing the augmented reality world. You can always close it with a cross, or even completely prohibit its appearance through a checkbox. But we recommend paying attention to the main cockpit controls.

Tips for immersing yourself in the Metareality

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