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Download the actual version of Arcona XR Metaverse Mobile App - Augmented Reality Viewer


Single sign-on to the Arcona metaverse

The Arcona metaverse is built on the principles of WEB 3.0 and  provide the inhabitants of the metaverse with maximum comfort, security and free interaction with blockchain networks through a personal account in Arcona.

This system allows you to store your data and all Arcona digital assets in one place.

In your personal account, you, first of all, have full control over the balance of $ARCONA in different blockchain networks, your lands and NFT assets.

You can also upload tokens and artifacts from other decentralized projects here, for example, your own collection of NFTs. 


Connect your crypto wallet to get a unique ID in the Arcona metaverse and set up your profile in your Personal Account 


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