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 Temple Fortune.

Arcona Metareality Gold Coin

Soul Tree

Arcona Metareality Gold Coin


The sacred places of the world of Arcona have special significance in metareality. Gods, spirits live here, and magical energy is concentrated. Religious ceremonies, rituals and ceremonies are held in such places

Temples are sacred buildings that are built in honor of gods or goddesses. They are places of worship, rituals and relics. Each temple is dedicated to a specific deity and has its own characteristics and traditions. Visiting shrines allows you to receive the blessings and power of the deity.

Soul trees are magical trees that grow in sacred groves. People, dragons and wyverns come to these trees to gain their strength and protection. Trees help dragons create pairs, and for wyverns it is a place for prides to nest and hatch eggs.

Sacred groves are forests where the Trees of the Soul grow. They are places of power and habitat of nature spirits. Flying flowers and tree seeds appear in the groves, which must be collected within 24 hours after flowering.

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