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The basics for those looking to farm.

A liquidity pool is a stock of tokens that are in any DEX smart contract, and the larger it is, the more liquid the pair is. These tokens provide the ability to quickly exchange between users.

This reserve on the DEX is created by liquidity providers. They do not exchange tokens, but invest them for a while in a pair of tokens.

Liquidity providers can do this in equal amounts for both tokens. In this case, when you add new tokens to the liquidity pool, you receive liquidity tokens to your wallet.

There is also the possibility of one-way staking, encouraging our token holders to use the Bancor protocol more actively and to increase the pool size of ARCONA tokens only.

Liquidity tokens are used for farming, where they give you a daily reward no matter how much LP you stake.

Some our farms issue ARCONA tokens as reward. You can also grow special 3D NFTs - domains, aristocratic titles, content and much more necessary for life in the AR Metaverse.

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