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Arcona Metaverse in the global innovation market.

Arcona Metaverse is increasingly making itself known in the global innovation market.

The project was presented this week at The China Jiangsu Conference for International Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CITTC) in Nanjin, Jiangsu province.

Russia in this large-scale and very significant event for the Asian region was represented by only 6 startups that passed a rigorous selection. In addition to speaking to the conference participants, we held a series of online meetings with potential partners and investors from around the world.

In addition, our company, Piligrim XXI, was nominated for the Startup of the Year award at the EuroAsian Startup Awards. This is the regional stage of the world's largest independent startup competition, the Global Startup Awards.

It has already been held 8 times and covers 105 countries on three continents. Members gain access to the benefits of a global network of corporations, investors, experts, incubators, accelerators and international media.

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