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Arcona Weekly #3

In the past week, the main events in the Digital Lands took place in Las Vegas. The sea of ​​excitement, the joy of victories and the annoyance of defeat - all these are Arcona's Wheels of Fortune! Ahead is the weekly jackpot and a new gaming zone - next to Europe's most elite casino in Monte Carlo.

We remind you: to play Wheel of Fortune, you will need a plot in the play area and an NFT - a treasure chest. Bet - placing a chest on your land once a day. To get a plot in exchange for NFT Domain - contact PM @korguzalow.

And most importantly, it is no longer necessary to buy a plot in the gaming zone - it is enough to have only 100 ARCONA in any network (ETH, BSC, Minter) for a bet. The Lords of Arcona, chosen by the team, will provide you with their lands.

These gentlemen received the official status of High Roller in the Telegram channel and can publicly announce the numbers of their sites open for bets of other players. Players send 100 ARCONA to the address specified by the administration and dump the transaction hash into the channel.

If two bets are made on one site at once, the first player has an advantage. The second player gets the next betting land on the list. Winning on rented land, you receive 90% of the winnings, and 10% goes to the owner of the plot as a reward.

On Friday, the BNT co-investment limit in the ARCONA\BNT liquidity pool increased by 10 times!

The Bancor network has successfully completed a vote to increase the co-investment of the Arcona XR Metaverse project from 5,000 to 50,000 BNT. The result is unambiguous: 99.91% of the electors said YES! The quorum has almost reached 50%.

This decision opens up great prospects for further strengthening the ARCONA token and expanding our community.

Today the ARCONA \ BNT pool provides some of the highest annual rates on Liquidity providers currently receive 92.25% per annum on unilateral staking and volatile loss protection.

With an increase in the limit to 50 thousand BNT, the pool will open up a place for new ARCONA liquidity providers! This means that the profitability of swaps for LP will increase even more.

On August 2, the ARCONA exchange bridge opened between the Ethereum and BSC networks. This decision was made by the BSC community: 346 votes (86%) were cast in favor, the quorum exceeded 50% of the votes.

Next week, a vote will take place to open a bridge between the Ethereum and Minter networks.

Follow our news!

Los Angeles-based startup Ryff raised $ 11.7 million last week to develop a groundbreaking new type of AR product placement in commercials and live broadcasts. The company's algorithms modify the video in real time, adding advertised objects as if the video was filmed directly from them. The solution supports 3D and animation.

Inline images can take the form of simple branded objects or signage, up to complex interactive and dynamic advertisements. Brand references can be tailored to audiences based on a number of variables, including viewer profile, platform (broadcasting, PC or mobile), geography, and date.

The product has already been tested and approved by brands such as Coca-Cola, Diageo and GroupM.

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