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Updated: Aug 28

Arcona Metaverse announces the upgrade of the automated silver exchange system to version 2.0.


The updated gameplay includes $ARCONA ETH and BSC, as well as LP tokens from both networks, to reinforce ecosystem integrity and incentivize token liquidity.



The updated exchange system is divided into two types of accounts - Basic and Premium.


“Basic Account” users are eligible to withdraw Silver if they hold ARCONA (ETH) tokens in their wallet in the amount required for the exchange level.


"Premium Account" users are eligible to withdraw Silver if they hold in their wallet Pancake ( Cake-LP BSC ) and Uniswap ( UNI-V2 Eth ) liquidity tokens in the amount required for the exchange level.

Open to know how to receive Cake-LP BSC

Open to know how to receive UNI-V2 Eth


The silver withdrawal limit depends on the user level and start from 10M

At each level, only one exchange can be made in accordance with the existing limit. The next exchange requires a level up.

Until level 20, the amount of additional hold decreases by approximately 10% with each level. Then the retention level stabilized.

Tokens on hold must be in the wallet before being exchanged. If the user withdraws tokens from the wallet, every 5 days his level will decrease by 1 level.

Basic Account

Premium Account


The amount of Gold ( Golden Arcona) that the user receives for Silver does not require exchange cards and does not depend on KARMA points.

The amount of $ARCONA (BSC) that the user receives for Silver depends on KARMA points. To exchange more than 60 million silver, exchange cards are not required.


“Basic Account” 10M Silver = 250 GOLD

"Premium Account" 10M Silver = 2500 GOLD


The impact of KARMA on the withdrawal Silver

“Basic Account” Silver 10M from 90 to 360 ARCONA

"Premium Account" Silver 10M from 900 to 3600 ARCONA


The ARCONA Silver Exchange System (BSC) is connected to the user's KARMA, which is credited for contribution to the life of the metaverse.

Communicate in our telegram channels, participate in the referral program, in contests and promotions to receive KARMA points.

Depending on how much KARMA you have collected, the level of profitability from exchanging Silver for ARCONA (BSC) can be increased up to 4 times!

Remember the zeroing of KARMA occurs on the 1st day of each month.

In the current release, the balance of KARMA points accrual will be focused on participation in the referral program and attracting new users.

Referral reward

+ 500 KARMA points for the first entry to both the referral and the referrer.

+ 500 KARMA points for through registration for both referral and referral.



The exchange is made with the help of Eve - telegram bot. To exchange silver, you need to go through WEB 3.0 registration on the portal and link the ID of the registered wallet in the Eva bot with /setwallet command.

  1. Send Eva a request for an exchange of silver with the command /exchange

  2. Choose exchange to Golden Arcona or ARCONA (BSC);

  3. When choosing an exchange for ARCONA (BSC), the parameters of the exchange rate of the token and KARMA are fixed by the bot at the time of the application;

  4. The exchange of game silver coins for ARCONA (BSC) tokens is carried out using the Silver Exchange Card of the corresponding denomination;

  5. Eva will issue a private message wallet to which you should send the Exchange Card;

  6. The user sends an exchange card to the wallet of the Eva bot;

  7. Send Bot Eva the transaction hash of your exchange card;

  • Golden Arcona will appear on your balance immediately,

  • ARCONA (BSC) tokens will be sent after moderation.


You can find out all the information on the exchange of silver in the telegram chat with the Eva bot by the /hold command.

And, of course, our Eva will help you at every stage: she will remind you in time about the need to buy and exchange tokens, about replenishing the balance and tell you about important events :)

The new Silver exchange system will increase the rate of ARCONA tokens and generously reward active Arcona citizens!


The number of tokens that can be withdrawn per month per account in the current release = 30,000 ARCONA (BSC).



The withdrawal of silver from the treasury of each castle is carried out to the general balance of the user's account.

The option is available after activating the castle through GOLD staking in the castle treasury. Staking activates the locks after the completion of each depreciation cycle of 6 months.

The GOLD staking option is opened by clicking on your lands on the World Map. In the site information panel, switch to the Castle that is installed on the domain. Press the Staking button and transfer the required amount of Arcona Gold to the treasury of your Castle.

At any time, GOLD can be taken from the treasury of the Castle. At this moment, the operation of all Castle systems stops, the citadel will stop silver mining and the garrison will stop protecting the treasury.

Tab: staking for castles of the first level
*Bust stacking will be available after completion of public testing of the system..

Level 0 Castle does not require stacking to activate. Silver mining and Castle defense are activated immediately after installing a new Castle in the domain.



1. "Castles and Dragons" is a Play2Earn project in the Augmented Reality MMORPG format. A global massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game on the digital lands of the augmented reality world Arcona XR Metaverse

2. "Castles and Dragons" Play2Earn is a project with the functionality of staking, farming, asset exchange, and the development of a P2P economy within the augmented reality world. At the same time, the project is not and should not be associated with any investment instrument.

3. The size of the assets formed by the players in the gaming space within the augmented reality world directly depends on the size, infrastructure, attendance of digital ownerships, and activity of players in the real world.

4. Arcona provides technical implementation and support for the game, including the ability to place the necessary content on digital lands in a layer of augmented reality, the work of AR Viewer - applications for viewing interactive content, creating conditions for the development of the internal p2p market and the economy of digital assets

5. In the course of the development of the game, it is possible to make improvements and changes to the rules of user interaction with digital content and tokenomics of the ecosystem.

6. Any statements made on behalf of the company reflect a desire to inform the community, but do not constitute investment promises or commitments.


Attention! Scammers, cheaters and bug-users will be banned without warning. Everyone who discovered and first reports vulnerabilities to the team will be rewarded.

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