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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The countdown to the big Metaverse update has begun!

The first phase - the placement of combat units in castles is activated. The option is available for installed Castles on the “My Content” page.

  1. To install troops, select a castle in the “hold” state,

  2. Open three dots menu click the “Add to tray” button

  3. Add combat units according to the number of available slots reflected in the “Capacity” parameter.

  4. Pay for the accomodations of troops, and the castle is ready for battle.

The second phase - lowering the level of auto protection of landowners' castles to basic values - will take place within 10 days. What the base level means is that castles will be defended by peasants and servants as much as it possible.

Players are given 10 days to get used to it and deploy their own military units to defend their possessions or entrust castles to peasants and pray to the gods.

If the Castle is defeated in battle, the troops in the castle will be deactivated. You can restore them using the “Reactivate troops” button under your castle on the World map.

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