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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Arcona® Metaverse is a planetary augmented reality space for the remote placement of geo-referenced digital content without investing in technology and infrastructure.


The software delivery model is SaaS.

  1. Placement of geo-referenced digital content in the augmented reality layer.

  2. Content management system - WEB 3.0 portal with CMS.

  3. Content placement - remote, by geo-coordinates with reference to the map of spatial references.

  4. Precise Positioning - Scan and process datasets to create a map of spatial references.

  5. Preparation of content for placement in AR - preferably FBX, up to 100 megabytes in size

  6. Loading content into the AR layer from an external server while the application is running.

  7. Content sharing - locally using mobile AR Viewer for iOS/Android.

  8. AS-IS Service - hosting your content and using the services of Arcona on an "as is" basis.

  9. Custom Tuning Service - development of a branded mobile AR Viewer for iOS/Android based on Arcona services

  10. White Label Service - cloning and customization of Arcona ecosystem services under the customer's brand.

  11. Support - specific API development, software updates and maintenance.

  12. Functional task - Documentation, including the scope, timing and cost of software development

  13. Additional service - Porting mobile AR Viewer to AR/VR glasses


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from 30 min $2 / 1 m2

Accurate positioning

Custom Tuning

White label

Support White label

Functional task for Custom Tuning

Functional task for White label

Porting AR Viewer to AR / VR glasses

Prices without VAT

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