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Activity deserves a reward

In the world of Arcona all sorts of games, contests and promotions are constantly taking place. And all active participants are always rewarded - ARCONA tokens, NFT and experience points. Their distribution is strictly monitored by our charming bot, her name is Eva.

Experience is a unit of activity, the local currency of the community. It can be gained by participating in contests, chatting and being active on social networks. The more experience you earn, the higher your rank in the meta universe, and the more opportunities and privileges you get.

The best part is that you can always exchange your experience for valuable NFT Arcona: castles, titles, domains, dragons... To find out how much experience you have, type "/profile" in the bot. To go to the NFT store - "/nftshop". You'll find a list of commands in the same place. Also, experience allows you to get more silver when you exchange it.

Join our contests and earn experience and Arcona digital assets!

If you have any questions, please contact the official Telegram-chat of the project. Our responsive community and team will always help you!

Current contests

Arcona Chronicles

A daily marathon for the most creative inhabitants of our metaverse.

To participate in the Chronicles, you make daily posts on any social networks about Arcona for a month. It can be chest hunting or castle stealing stories, gifs, memes, whatever! The only stipulation: be sure to add the tags: #Arcona #Metaverse #AugmentedReality.

Send links to your publications to our Telegram chat with hashtags #event and hashtag of the day. It will be hashtag #day1 for the first day, #day2 for the second day, and so on.

Also, don't forget to add links to your posts to the summary table

You create great content every day, and we give you experience points! How much experience can you earn each day?

  • For each of your posts that you actually link to on the spreadsheet, you'll get 50 experience points.

  • For each nicely designed post you will receive 100 experience points.

  • For each post that gets more than 30 reposts or 50 comments, you get 150 experience points.

We'll sum up the intermediate results every week - on Thursdays at 12:00 GMT. At the same time we'll record the experience for the posts of the past week!

Every Friday at 16:00 GMT we will spin the Wheel of Fortune among those who gained 700 or more experience during the week through their posts.

Those who do not submit their entries for the week at 12:00 GMT on Thursday will not participate in the weekly Wheel.

On the last day of the Chronicle, we will spin the final Wheel of Fortune with special prizes. It is open to those who miss no more than 1 day. The three participants who get the most experience in the Arcona Chronicles will receive additional prizes!

Meme Contest

One of the funniest and most popular contests among our community. Here you can joke, fantasize and tell about everything you are interested in Arcona world

The rules are simple: come up with memes on any topic related to augmented reality, Digital Earth, games in Agsop... Send your work to the chat with the tag #meme

A Wheel of Fortune for experience awaits all participants, and works that we take away for publication will receive an additional 500 experience!

You can also use memes in the Chronicles!

Arcona Gifs Contest

Festival of the most beautiful videos made with the Arcona app!

Make entries of up to 30 seconds through the Arcona app and convert them to gif-format. You can use this handy converter to work:

Send your work in Telegram chat with the tag #gif

We'll spin the Wheel of Fortune and give you an experience! The authors of the best gifs that we'll use in our informational materials will get an extra 500 experience each!

You can also use memes in the Chronicles!

Screenshot Contest

While you travel through the augmented reality world, hunting for chests or training your dragons, take screenshots and send them to our Telegram chat with tag #screen.

All participants will get 100 experience points, and the authors of the top seven works will get 500 exp!

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