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Apple reinvented Cardboard and reminded us of this useful device!

While we look forward to the release of the revolutionary and insanely expensive XR Vision Pro headset, Apple decided to surprise fans. This week, the company received a patent that could form the basis for a Google Cardboard-style accessory. More info

A cardboard is a simple and cheap device, like a stereoscope. It houses your smartphone inside and turns it into an AR/VR helmet.

The main feature of the cardboard from Apple, apparently, will be the wireless connection mechanism with the iPhone and iPad. So, we can assume that in this case you still don’t have to wear a phone on your head.

When the apple cardboard will be released, and whether it will be released at all, is a big question... And the Arcona team started working with such devices back in 2016! Our applications "Pompey Forum", "Old Nessebar", "Road of Life", "Narva Battle", and some other, looked super immersive in plastic helmets.

We decided not to wait for "cool new things" and to adapt the Arcona metaverse to the boards that are already on the market. Traveling through castles, sightseeing, shopping in the markets, visiting exhibitions and shows and casinos will definitely become more exciting!

And of course, we are already preparing some surprises. New high-quality content is waiting for you, which will turn your journey in the AR world into an exciting adventure with the help of cardboards.

Follow the announcements and look for the right cardboard for your smartphone!

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