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Collect Envelop tokens in another reality!

The first Airdrop in augmented reality starts on September 15!

Funny Avocados - keepers of digital coins - will appear on the Digital Lands of the Arcona AR world. Get them to exchange them for NIFTSY tokens of the Envelop project.

Join AR-drop Envelop - the prize pool is limited!

How to become a member of AR-drop Envelop?

📌DIve yourself in X-Reality and you can search for avocados anywhere in the world!

In addition to hunting for the bountiful fruit from Envelop, you'll find chests full of silver from Arcona, as well as teleports to the most beautiful places in the AR universe and, of course, play and earn in the GameFi project Castles and Dragons ...

🎁 We will hold NFT giveaways and contests among AR-drop Envelop participants.

🌐 AR-drop Envelop is the first stage of a new campaign "Immerse in another reality", which is organized by the Arcona team to demonstrate various AR marketing opportunities.

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