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Arcona Chronicle Theme for Jan. 11-17

The first Arcona Chronicles theme of the coming year will be the upcoming Round the World Sailing Regatta in the Arcona metaverse!

To participate in the Chronicles, you will make daily social media posts on the theme of the regatta during the week. We are waiting for themed pictures, screenshots from the app, speeches, memes, anything!

To make it easier for you, we offer options for captions, slogans and images:

  • A grand event in the world of AR travel: Around the World Sailing Regatta in the AR metaverse Arcona!

  • Try your strength on Celestial Galleons in the round-the-world AR regatta in the Arcona Metiverse.

  • Round-the-world sailing regatta in the AR world of Arcona will surprise even experienced travelers!

  • Only in the world of Arcona: round-the-world AR regatta on Celestial Galleons on all continents of the Earth!

  • Don't miss the chance to send the Arcona Celestial Galleon to the most mysterious places of the planet - the South Pole, the Mariana Trench or the Bermuda Triangle!

  • Preparations for a round-the-world sailing regatta in the Arcona meta-universe have been announced. Register today at

Of course you can use your own original texts. For example, personal expectations from the event:

  • I want the Arcona Round the World Regatta to be held in Krasnoyarsk!

  • I will definitely win the Grand Prix of the Arcona Round the World Regatta!

Prizes are waiting for the authors of the brightest publications! Follow our announcements.

Important condition: be sure to add tags: #Metareality #Arcona #Metaverse #ArconaRregatta.

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