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Arcona decided to burn 2 million ARCONA.

🔥 In connection with the launch of P2E- Castles and Dragons, the team decided to burn 2 million ARCONA tokens.

1 million ARCONA will be burned within a month! The fate of the second million will be decided by the community - burn or not to burn.

Voting will be held from 16 to 17 July.

Participants who earn social experience points will receive rights comparable to those of ARCONA token holders.

The following system will be applied for voting

1 token = 10 experience points = 1 vote

To participate in voting with experience points, you just need to follow the link to the voting portal. The link will be available on voting day.

To participate with ARCONA tokens, you will need to hold ARCONA tokens on the Ethereum (erc20) network for 2 days on your wallet, and also link it to the Eva bot in the official Telegram chat.

To do this, in private messages @arcona_metabolism_bot - write the /supervoting command. Next, click the "Confirm wallet" button and go to the site.

If you accessed the site from your PC with Metamask installed, click on the "Metamask login" button and sign the message.

If you went to the site from a phone where the trust wallet is installed, then click the "Open in Trust wallet" button and sign the message.

After signing, you will have to write to EVA in private messages about the successful binding of your wallet.

For technical reasons, we can only take into account tokens in the Ethereum network, for holders of other networks, the fee for transferring tokens to Ethereum will be reduced

ARCONA tokens and experience points for each account will be summed up automatically.

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