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Arcona Marketplace: Version 2.0

Our development team continues to improve Marketplace Arcona, optimizing and expanding its functionality.

The updated version of the portal will get a more modern Friendly interface. It will be user-friendly and simple and will allow users to operate with all kinds of digital assets in different blockchain networks. This applies to ARCONA tokens as well as all NFTs - Digital Lands, Titles, Domains, Game Cards and other content.

Through the Marketplace you will be able to buy lands, combine them with your NFT Domains, combine several 3D NFT in one set, sell, move and, of course, set it in the AR world.

We are adapting the ecosystem to a new external environment. One of the important goals was to create a safe space for digital asset owners, as well as reducing the cost of all kinds of transactions within the Metaverse.

End-to-end registration will be one of the most important elements of this system. It will allow the user to save his data and digital assets in one place - in a personal account, there he can load artifacts from other decentralized projects, such as his own NFT collection, on demand. The system is constantly checked with the database and gives the user up-to-date information about all his 3D models: those that are already installed on the land or in castles, and those that are in the inventory. As a result, the user always knows what assets he owns, and the system is sure that every item, every castle and every NFT in all user's possessions is intact, thanks to continuous database checks!

Despite the deceptive simplicity of the description, to create a reliable "link" between the databases from completely different projects, and most importantly to provide the user with information in real time - a rather time consuming process and requires skill, experience and high qualifications of developers. And judging by the intermediate test results, Arcona team coped with it.

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