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Arcona Metaverse starts integrating with Minter

🔥 The Arcona X Reality Metaverse team is pleased to announce the start of integration with Minter, the next generation blockchain network. Here we found an actively developing young community interested in new projects and breakthrough ideas.

✅ We are grateful to the Minter community for their activity, assistance in integration and formation of the liquidity pool

🕊 Arcona has created the easiest tool for publishing AR content anywhere in the world. Here you have independent decentralized lands and you can upload your own independent content to the Real World.

🏦 Very soon, your Digital Lands and content will be able to bring not only moral but also financial satisfaction. The team is preparing to launch mining tools that will allow you to make money from visitors to your property.

🏆 Follow our news. The Arcona X Reality Metaverse team is preparing a program of unique giveaways of NFT content and digital lands for everyone who joins the Minter network.

Integration conditions

When entering a new blockchain, a smart contract is deployed on the network with an available issue of no more than 15181707 ARCONA.

At the same time, the total volume of tokens simultaneously in circulation on all blockchains does not exceed 15181707 ARCONA.

The number of ARCONA tokens issued on any blockchain network will not exceed 98% of the issue on the Ethereum network or 14.7 M ARCONA.

Emission is carried out exclusively at the request of users in only one of three options:

  • Through the exchange of tokens between networks;

  • Through the purchase of tokens;

  • Through mining.

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