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Arcona Weekly # 5

Arcona hosted the first Metaverse Alliance Tournament this week. For 3 weeks, together with the OSUVOX team, we are giving away prizes from two projects. The winners receive ARCONA tokens as well as various NFTs with OSUVOX avatars, Digital Land plots and Arcona world castles.

Congratulations to the winners and we are waiting for you at the next rounds of the Tournament, which will be held on September 19 and 26.

A big update took place on the Arcona Metaverse portal. Now on the World map all areas of the planet are marked, where virtual content is already installed. We invite everyone to rate how comfortable these changes are for you. You can place your 3D models and system samples on your parcels and they will be highlighted in green. Your neighbors' lands will turn purple. We are waiting for your comments.

Arcona Metaverse took part in the landmark international travel forum OTDYKH Leisure -2021. The founder of the project, Ilya Korguzalov, spoke about how digital metauniverses can already radically change the branding technologies of regions and the travel industry in general. Right now, Arcona is helping to build an innovative brand for the city of Petrozavodsk. A modern creative space is being created on Digital Lands in the capital of Karelia. The most incredible art objects in augmented reality are installed here: reconstructions of destroyed monuments, revived city sculptures, interactive AR quests and immersive advertising. An alternative city appears on the banks of Onega, which will live in two realities at once.

Also this week, Facebook and Ray-Ban unveiled a new line of Stories smart glasses. The companies say this is just the first step towards launching truly advanced, affordable and stylish AR gadgets.

The new device can be compared to the first three generations of Snap products. Stories look like classic glasses with standard lenses, including medical ones. However, the device has 5-megapixel arched cameras that allow you to capture stereoscopic video and still images. Facebook claims that the glasses can store 30 full videos and about 500 photos, which are stored locally in encrypted form on the device itself. The glasses have built-in microphones and speakers that transmit audio over Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to listen to music and receive calls. In addition, the engineers have provided a voice recognition function.

While the augmented reality capabilities of Stories are very limited, they are indeed the most affordable smart glasses on the market. The device is available to order for $ 299, and it will be possible to buy it, besides online, almost everywhere where Ray-Bans are officially sold.

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