Digital Archeology and Restoration of Ancient Greece in Augmenteted Reality.

Another masterpiece of ancient architecture has been released again thanks to the digital archeology and restoration team of Piligrim XXI, the developer of Arcona Metaverse.

This time, the historical AR reconstruction took place on the ruins of Amathus, one of the most ancient cities in Cyprus. It is believed that it was founded by the legandary king Kineer, who founded the cult of Aphrodite here.

Our team conducted archaeological surveys and reconstruction of architectural monuments for a partner planning a large-scale reconstruction of the heritage of ancient Greece.

On the high rock of the acropolis once stood the most beautiful temple dedicated to the goddess of love. Thousands of pilgrims gathered here, noisy holidays and pagan rituals were held. And below, under the rock, trade was in full swing in the agora square, where wealthy merchants brought goods from all over the eastern Mediterranean.

But a series of wars and earthquakes completely destroyed the city. To this day, only piles of stones and fragments of columns have survived, not reminiscent of the former splendor of Amathus..

Now, with the help of a smartphone, tourists vacationing in Cyprus can make a real journey into the past and appreciate the beauty of ancient architecture. A market square with numerous shops, a marble portico and an elegant fountain appears in front of them. And above the city again hovers snow-white temple of the goddess Aphrodite.

The reconstruction was carried out with maximum historical accuracy. To create models, materials from archaeological excavations, local museums and various works on the history of architecture were used.