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Last week, Bancor, having canceled its one-way staking program, began actively selling various tokens that ended up in the hands of the exchange team.

Obviously, such actions lead to serious pressure on the price of coins, including the ARCONA token. .

The Arcona team offers the community the GOLDEN BRIDGE program to jointly adjust the token rate and limit the influence of speculators on the economy of the ecosystem


From November 1 to November 7, every buyer of GOLD for ARCONA tokens of the Ethereum network will receive

  • 100% ARCONA refund on the BSC network.

  • X2 for all GOLD coins what will stacked to castles*

*Valid for GOLD purchased during the promotion with ARCONA (ETH)

Having collected 1 Million ARCONA on the ETH network, the team will send the tokens for burning

If you want to preserve and increase the value of your assets, join the GOLDEN BRIDGE program

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