Some cases for earning in the world of augmented reality today and tomorrow

Arcona X-Reality Metaverse continues its own farming program. Our users receive income by "cultivating" their Digital lands in the world of augmented reality. You just need to regularly “plant” 3D models all over our planet and harvest with ARCONA tokens. But this is far from the only way to make money in the ecosystem.

Screenshot reward

The easiest way to get rewarded is to post photos with AR objects on social networks. To do this, you just need to download a mobile application, take a screenshot of the augmented reality world and instantly receive a reward to your account. Coins can be exchanged for content directly in the application, or you can rent your favorite plots of Digital Land for them.

Participation in a subscription company

You can join the Arcona Metaverse Explorers Bonus Program with a total prize pool of 150,000 coins. All those who contribute to the development and promotion of the Arcona project in social media receive payments.

Liquidity pool support

The ARCONA-ETH pair is already traded on UNISWAP. The project team supports those who actively participate in the liquidity pool and very soon a special campaign with an incentive fund of 400 thousand ARCONA will be organized for them.

The size of the reward will directly depend on the number of tokens that are locked in the project contract and on the total number of liquidity tokens locked by other participants in the promotion.

AR projects

Launch your own AR projects. On Arcona Digital Lands, this can be done in minutes. You can install content through your Personal Area on the Marketplace, where is information about all your land

The mechanics are extremely simple: choose a land, add 3D models and instantly a virtual exhibition appears on your territory in Paris, Petersburg or New York and somewhere else .

Engage users, and you can get paid for views or income from advertising and product placement elements within your projects.

Digital content

You can make money in the Arcona metaverse with your creativity. Any 3D artist can offer our landowners their own works.

At the moment, this can be done through the Sketchfab portal - the leading service for storing virtual models. It supports a wide variety of formats and is very easy to use.

Here you can easily place works of authorship so that our users can port them to the world of Arcona. In the near future, the content store will open on the Arcona Marketplace portal.

Scanning spatial data

The team launches a scanning-and-sharing spatial data project for the earth's surface to create detailed virtual 3D maps of scanned locations.

A PC client with access to a global 3D map will make the content positioning process even more accurate and comfortable. In the near future, spatial 3D Maps will also be in demand by third-party enterprises and geoinformation services.

Scanning and sharing will take place around the world with the support of our users, and each member will be able to receive rewards by submitting datasets of spatial data to the Arcona server.

How to profitably use the accumulated tokens

Of course, earned ARCONA tokens can be converted to Ethereum and other crypto assets. But by investing in the development of the entire Arcona X-Reality Metaverse ecosystem, you increase the value of your assets and contribute to the creation of a new augmented reality universe.