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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Upon request and with community support, our team is launching ARCONA on two blockchain networks - Binance Smart Chain and Minter.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is best described as a blockchain that runs in parallel to the Binance Chain. However, unlike Binance Chain, BSC boasts smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). More info

Minter is a global rewards and loyalty points network powered by a fast blockchain. Any brand, community, or blogger can create their own coins and launch their reward or loyalty system in minutes. More info

You can see the contracts deployed on both networks. The page with the exchanger will be launched within a week.


The total number of coins in circulation for all blockchain networks must not exceed 15 million ARCONA.

In any parallel blockchain network, a smart contract is deployed with an available issue of no more than 15 million ARCONA coins.


Emission of 98% of ARCONA tokens in any blockchain network is carried out exclusively at the request of users and is possible only in one of three options:

exchange between networks




ARCONA coins sent by users for exchange are stored at the address of a special reserve fund and are excluded from the circulating offer.

ARCONA coins from the reserve fund can only be returned to the market by exchanging and replacing an equal number of tokens from the parallel network.

The initial exchange of ARCONA coins between networks will be carried out within 10 days at a ratio of approximately 1 : 1, excluding exchange fees.

50,000 ARCONA BSC tokens will be offered daily for exchange. The initial exchange will begin following a special public announcement.

After the end of the initial offer, the exchange terms will be changed by community vote.

Voting will be conducted using ARCONA / USDT liquidity tokens on the BSC network.

The exchange fee will be set by the team in accordance with market conditions.

Exchange ARCONA between networks Ethereum and Minter will be opened after the community MInter vote


On the parallel blockchain network, ARCONA coins can be purchased from the team using stablecoins such as USDT for a price of $ 1 or more.

50% of the funds goes towards the buyback of ARCONA (Eth) tokens until the circulation supply will not decrease 15 million is reached, and in other cases - to the liquidity pool increase.


The team has the right to temporarily exceed the circulating supply by creating 2% of the maximum token supply in order to create a liquidity pool, a prize pool for farming and other actions to support liquidity.

A team or community may request a public vote to temporarily exceed the circulating supply of up to 8% for mining and other marketing purposes.


ARCONA coins for creating liquidity pools and launching pharming programs will be distributed from 2% issued by the team.

The team will present special editions of NFT to the prize pool. These can be prizes for liquidity providers and lotteries for the first users in the form of welcome packages: - Lands, Domains, 3D content.

The community can, for their part, maintain liquidity pools as well as donate ARCONA for the prize pool of their own free will.


Marketing projects can be initiated by both the team and the community.

The decision on the allocation of tokens for marketing projects is made by a vote of the community of the corresponding Network.

The term for voting on the project is not less than 10 and not more than 30 days.

The voting rights will be granted to the liquidity tokens in the pool for the entire voting period.

1 liquidity token = 1 vote.


Up to 15% of the funds received by the team from the sale of NFT, Lands and from the installation of content go to the purchase of ARCONA (Eth) in order to reduce and balance the circulating supply for all networks.

If the circulating supply is balanced, the funds raised go to the liquidity pool and to marketing projects.



A characteristic feature of any metaverse is the involvement of users in its creation and the development of a new world. The team can initiate a community vote to set aside a reserve of up to 8% of the total ARCONA supply on the parallel blockchain network to launch a token mining program with special land development conditions.


Mining is an award to the land owner for installing the 3D NFT "Exchange" Units.

  • "Exchange" is intended to exchange silver coins earned in the AR world for ARCONA tokens in one of the networks.

  • The blockchain network will be connected when renting or buying an "Exchange" of the corresponding type.

  • Only owners of land united into domains can participate in mining.

  • The "Exchange" can bring the owner a commission from 2% to 20% in excess of the exchange amount, depending on the status of the owner's domain.

  • The exchange limit in ARCONA is at least 500 US dollars.

  • For exchange, the user enters and sends through the module the data of his blockchain wallet adress

  • When sent, silver coins are removed from the user's balance.

  • The data is sent to the Arcona platform and the tokens are transferred to the user's wallet.

In order to attract users to the domain, the team will also provide various silver coin loot boxes.

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