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🔥 Special update for July 14, France's national holiday - Bastille Day.


🥳 The Arcona team has been celebrating this holiday together with the French since 2015!

🏰 Reconstruction of the ancient fortress at Place de la Bastille in Paris was one of the first AR projects of our team!

👉 According to an already established tradition, on July 14, not only Parisians, but also all the inhabitants of the Metaverse will be able to see the Bastille.

🏆 Anyone who finds a fortress in the world of augmented reality from July 14 to July 16 will be able to get a big prize

📯 Defeat the Bastille garrison using your units and send a screenshot of the victory banner to chat by 16:00 UTC on July 16th!

🏳️ To win, you will need enhanced defense and attack! In the updated starting area you will find two loot boxes.

🧐 The god of randomness determines what level of defense and attack you get! Please him with sacrifices to increase the chances of getting the maximum boosters!

⚠️ Attention! The boosters will work until the first victory, do not stack and last only until the end of the game session!

🎁 Among the winners, we will draw one of the coolest castles!

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