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NFTs go out into the real world

A truly exciting service for NFT collectors is offered by the Arcona XR Metaverse. Now any owner of tokenized art objects or game characters can demonstrate their masterpieces in AR mode on the streets of real cities around the world. And do it yourself - without the help of professional developers, and remotely, without leaving your computer.

Until now, it was possible to evaluate digital art objects only in camera format - on a computer monitor or in VR / AR mode, but only at home, sitting on the couch. Bringing graphical NFTs to the real world opens up a ton of new perspectives. For example, if you place digitized objects somewhere in Montmartre or in bohemian Soho, then not only advanced blockchain fans will come to such an AR exhibition, but thousands of spectators with ordinary smartphones. Festivals of playable characters from a variety of platforms, off-line NFT auctions, NFT galleries in trendy art spaces ... These and other practical uses of NFT in urban environments make them a truly sustainable and liquid asset that will confidently survive the hype period without losing its value.

To enable NFT holders to quickly and securely host screenings across the planet, Arcona has created a decentralized graphical token allocation system. In the AR space - on the Digital Land - only 3D models in GLTF and GLB format recorded in a smart contract are ported, while the tokens themselves remain on users' wallets.

It will take literally a few seconds to transfer content from other tokenized projects to the AR layer. In your Arcona account, you need to select NFT from your wallet. Here, for convenience, they are displayed in 3D with animation. Find a suitable piece of Digital Land and click publish. And at this moment, your exclusive digital asset is already seen by viewers thousands of kilometers away.

Deploy your 3D NFTs in AR world

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