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The Era of Spatial Computing Has Arrived

A new year has begun, in which many incredible discoveries and technological breakthroughs in mixed reality await us. Of course, our team will be utilizing the best of them in the Arcona world to make the AR metaverse more exciting for you!


 So what kind of premieres should we expect?


First of all, this is going to be a big year for Spatial Computing. In fact, it's not even a technology, but an innovative concept that will completely change our perception of real and virtual worlds. It combines mixed reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision to create a new way of interacting with digital content.


We will now use voice and gestures to communicate with devices. Advanced computing technologies such as AI and machine learning will give the interaction a smooth and natural feel, while embedded sensors - powerful cameras, gyroscopes and accelerometers - will create the effect of a deeper virtual experience.


Apple's first spatial computer


Apple claims to be the leader of the technological race in spatial computing. And quite deservedly so.  The debut of the first spatial computer Vision Pro is already scheduled for February 2!


Evaluate, the Cupertinos even in the announcement ask developers of applications for the new headset no longer mention the terms AR or VR, and replace them with "Spatial Computing" ;) 



While Apple remains a pioneer in spatial computing for now, it won't be the only one. Meta is already investing in expanding the capabilities of XR devices and creating futuristic interfaces, including those controlled by hand movements and even brainwave (BCI). Of course, this is long-term research that won't appear tomorrow, but it's the future!


Thanks to such efforts by technology giants, the concept of spatial computing is already well known outside the XR industry and is steadily entering the technological mainstream. So in 2024, it has every chance to rise to the peak of popularity like Metaverse in '22 or GenAI became last year. And if Tim Cook himself says, "The era of spatial computing has arrived," we may well believe him!


What will the era of spatial computing bring to the Arcona world?


A new interface and depth of immersion in the metaverse!


We will learn how to communicate with digital content using voice and gestures, fill the world of Arcona with super-realistic digital content and interact with it through different wearable devices.


We will continue to talk about the brightest trends of the coming year, stay tuned for our publications!


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