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Castles as a source of permanent income.

Updated: Jan 11

Announcement of a new stage in the development of the concept play-to-earn!

The castle is the citadel of your possessions and a source of permanent income.

Install a castle in your domain and the castle treasury will be replenished with a silver coin every day. The amount of daily reward will depend on the level of the castle, title and domain.

The territory of the castle will be able to accommodate markets with goods, silver mines, moneychangers' shops.

Connect the money changer's shop to the castle treasury to exchange silver for ARCONA at the rate and limits set by you in your domain.


First of all, you will dive into a fantastic universe where magic and technology merge and connect with each other.

Here, the steampunk world of steampunk technology with steam engines, balloons and machinery from the Victorian era collides with the magic of the Middle Ages, where magical creatures rule and fantastic animals and plants live.

The project is developing rapidly and we are ready to tell you about the new game units that will appear in the near future! Read more


Castle 3D NFT model in 1: 1 scale. Castle can be bought in the NFT markets, exchanged for silver in the AR world, you can win a tournament, receive a reward for completing tasks in the project.

If you are a member of the free masons Guild, you will be able to build castles and offer your services to the landlords of Arcona.


You can install the Castle through a web portal or from a mobile application. The territory occupied by the Castle corresponds to the number of lands in the domain in which it is installed. The minimum size of the area occupied by the Castle is one feud with a turret for one hex with a minimum of amenities. The maximum size is unlimited.


The level of the Castle can be pumped by acquiring a title, a flag, weapons, knights, walls, towers, expanding markets, increasing the number of mines, etc. The level of the castle will pump faster if the castle attracts traffic of visitors in AR.


The treasury of the castle is kept in the treasury inside the castle. You can get to the treasury level using the "teleports", moving through the levels inside your citadel.

The castle can be guarded by the Dragon. The dragon is born from an egg. The egg can be found in the world or bought on the NFT market. A castle with a dragon is harder to rob. The dragon is known to be fed with silver and virgins, choose what is cheaper for you.


If someone opens the treasury in the castle, then the owner of the castle loses part of the treasury for each opening. The treasury can only be opened by the user of the application with a certain level, obtained in battles with dragons, for hacking treasury, for corvee on land lords, silver mining in mines etc.

The owner of the castle will be able to order the mercenaries to break into the rival's castle. Looting the treasury and bullying dragons is a commendable and native occupation for any knight.

The burglar increases his level if he is successful or loses if he is defeated. The customer risks only the invested funds, but acquires part of the hacked treasury

The damage is compensated from the treasury of the castle. The better the castle is defended, the more territory it occupies, the less damage to the castle and the treasury.

A table of calculation of costs for the standard configuration of the Castle and the amount of daily income that it will bring to the owners.

Base price USDT

Income per day USDT




Magister Pack



Barons Pack



​Viscount Pack



Markgrafs Pack



Herzogs Pack



​Dragons Pack



Payment with ARCONA tokens, at the exchange rate on the day of purchase.

The cost calculation for the standard Castle configuration includes Domain, Castle, Title and Land.

Configuration prices may vary depending on the token rate, and income from activity!

Roadmap of the Play-2-Earn game "Castles and Dragons"

2021 Q4

  • Single account for app and web portal linked to cryptocurrency wallet

  • Castles collection presentation

  • Presentation of the main game units

  • Castles and game units auctions

  • Consolidation of NFT lands with a common boundary in the NFT Domain

  • Installing Castles in Domains via the WEB Portal

  • Initializing Castles using NFT crests

  • Mobile application on Android OS

2022 Q1- Q4

  • Implementation of Wrapped NFT (WNFT) units for ARCONA staking.

  • Launching the game of mechanics and mining silver in the treasury of the castle

  • Installing WNFT units in Castle slots:

    1. Silver mines

    2. Moneychangers shop - to exchange silver for ARCONA tokens;

    3. Arms shops - sale of weapons and ammunition

    4. Witch doctor' shops - sale of immunity

    5. Markets - Users can sell their digital content

    6. Dragon Farms - The owner of the castle can breed dragons for sale.


  • Implementation of dynamic NFT - dragon eggs - dragon, etc.

  • Opening the P2P market for NFT assets in AR advertising

  • Creation of game guilds: hunters, merchants, free masons

  • Start of sublease of land by users from land lords.

  • Introducing the PvP mode into the game:

    1. capturing castles treasury

    2. ordering player to capture castle

  • Launch of a smart contract factory for farms.

  • Launching 3D layouts of locations based on the spatial data shared by the user.

  • Launch of SaaS with a content management system in a VR environment on a 3D location map


1. "Castles and Dragons" is a Play2Earn project in the Augmented Reality MMORPG format. A global massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game on the digital lands of the augmented reality world Arcona XR Metaverse

2. "Castles and Dragons" Play2Earn is a project with the functionality of staking, farming, asset exchange, and the development of a P2P economy within the augmented reality world. At the same time, the project is not and should not be associated with any investment instrument.

3. The size of the assets formed by the players in the gaming space within the augmented reality world directly depends on the size, infrastructure, attendance of digital ownerships, and activity of players in the real world.

4. Arcona provides technical implementation and support for the game, including the ability to place the necessary content on digital lands in a layer of augmented reality, the work of AR Viewer - applications for viewing interactive content, creating conditions for the development of the internal p2p market and the economy of digital assets

5. In the course of the development of the game, it is possible to make improvements and changes to the rules of user interaction with digital content and tokenomics of the ecosystem.

6. Any statements made on behalf of the company reflect a desire to inform the community, but do not constitute investment promises or commitments.

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