Castles as a source of permanent income.

Updated: May 28

Announcement of a new stage in the development of the concept play-to-earn!

The castle is the citadel of your possessions and a source of permanent income.

Install a castle in your domain and the castle treasury will be replenished with a silver coin every day. The amount of daily reward will depend on the level of the castle, title and domain.

The territory of the castle will be able to accommodate markets with goods, silver mines, moneychangers' shops.

Connect the money changer's shop to the castle treasury to exchange silver for ARCONA at the rate and limits set by you in your domain.


Castle 3D NFT model in 1: 1 scale. Castle can be bought in the NFT markets, exchanged for silver in the AR world, you can win a tournament, receive a reward for completing tasks in the project.

If you are a member of the free masons Guild, you will be able to build castles and offer your services to the landlords of Arcona.


You can install the Castle through a web portal or from a mobile application. The territory occupied by the Castle corresponds to the number of lands in the domain in which it is installed. The minimum size of the area occupied by the Castle is one feud with a turret for one hex with a minimum of amenities. The maximum size is unlimited.


The level of the Castle can be pumped by acquiring a title, a flag, weapons, knights, walls, towers, expanding markets, increasing the number of mines, etc. The level of the castle will pump faster if the castle attracts traffic of visitors in AR.