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For Arcona ambassadors: blockchain in Arcona

Why is the Arcona XR Metaverse built on blockchain technology?

Blockchain is the perfect foundation for the economic model of our global metaverse. What economic and legal laws of different countries, corporate rules and commercial contracts provide in the real world, blockchain guarantees in digital worlds. And these guarantees will be universal for anywhere in the world and completely transparent to the participants.

When you immerse yourself in a blockchain-based metaverse, you cease to be a regular user of the app; you become a co-owner and co-creator. You can acquire pieces of space - Digital Lands, characters, virtual artifacts. You can create them, sell them, rent them out, franchise them to use your concepts - just like in the real world. Only here, your assets will be described in the form of tokens that authenticate your ownership and the right to manage and monetize that asset. Everything you own in the blockchain Metaverse - belongs to you actually in the form of NFT. And anyone can see the details of any NFT transaction and access records of who owns what.

Blockchain technology is enabling a rapidly expanding ecosystem through the participation of a large number of interested token holders from all over the world and filling the platform with the most incredible content. ARCONA's intra-system token entitles all ecosystem participants to buy and lease parcels of Digital Land, create their own projects on them, and showcase the results of their creativity. Moreover, it is the transparency of blockchain technology and the operation of smart contracts that provides additional guarantees of ownership rights for the owners of Arcona platform territories, protects the copyrights of developers and artists, and makes all transactions within the system more secure and transparent.

Arcona Tokenomics

At the core of the tokenomics of our metaverse is the ARCONA token. It is equivalent to the value of all digital assets in the augmented reality world. Using ARCONA, you can buy and sell land, NFT Arcona, creative 3D content, and any services. All of this is needed to launch your own AR projects, participate in games, promotions and other special events within the system.

ARCONA is a 100% utilitarian token

The project's crowdsale ended in July 2018, and the total offering was 15,181,707.013085449769711725 ARCONA. Tokens were distributed as follows: team - 20% (vesting: 5% for 6 months, 5% for 12 months and 10% for 18 months after ICO completion); adviser - 7%; bounty - 2%; reserve fund - 11%; sold to users - 60%.

Currently, all ARCONA tokens are redeemed by the community and are in circulation. A fairly even distribution of tokens among holders protects the market value of the token from manipulation by big players, which ensures stability and full decentralization of the project.

Cross-chain at Arcona

In June 2021, the team launched ARCONA in two parallel blockchain networks - Binance Smart Chain and Minter - at the request of our community. The total volume of tokens simultaneously in circulation on all blockchains does not exceed 15 million ARCONAs. Our users now have more freedom to use Arcona digital assets on different platforms, and the project has become more resilient. Arcona will be deployed on several more blockchains in the near future.

Farming in Arcona

We also have different liquidity pools and farming programs for ARCONA tokenholders.

Liquidity pools are the stock of tokens that are in any DEX smart contract, and the larger it is, the more liquid the pair is. These tokens provide a quick exchange between users.

Typically, liquidity delivery is done in equal shares for both tokens. But there is the possibility of one-way ARCONA stacking in the Bancor protocol. You add new tokens to the liquidity pool, you get liquidity tokens (LP) to your wallet. These tokens are used for farming, where you get a regular reward.

Some of our farms issue ARCONA tokens as rewards. You can also receive special Arcona NFTs as rewards.

What is NFT Arcona

Arcona is the only XR metacommuniverse where you can become a landlord by adding an aristocratic title and your own castle to your landholdings.

All of these digital resources are framed as NFTs. Their smart contract records your ownership rights, ownership history, and an animated 3D model that you can easily install on your Digital Lands, sell for collection, or use in other tokenized projects.

What is NFT?

NFT (Non Fungible Token) are completely unique tokens that cannot be equivalently replaced with other digital assets.

Using Arcona Digital Lands as an example: each piece of land is an ARDL token. Its smart contract captures all the main characteristics, including the identification number, geographic coordinates, information about the current and former owners. There is simply no second such site.

Smart contract: 0xdf5d68d54433661b1e5e90a547237ffb0adf6ec2

Why you need NFT Arcona

NFT Arcona is your opportunity to:

- create your own projects in the world of augmented reality on especially favorable terms;

- Play2Earn games on Arcona lands;

- participate in the development of the economy of our Metaverse;

- invest in collections of rare NFT assets;

- join all the promotions and events that regularly take place in the Arcona Metaverse.

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