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NFTs Arcona Collection for Games and Business

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Arcona is the only XR metaverse where you can become a landlord by adding an aristocratic title and your own castle to your land holdings.

All these digital resources are designed as NFTs. Their smart contract contains your ownership rights, ownership history, as well as an animated 3D model that can be easily installed on their Digital Lands, sold for collecting or used in other tokenized projects.

Why do you need NFT Arcona?

NFT Arcona is your opportunity:

  • create your own projects in the world of augmented reality on especially favorable terms;

  • play Play2Earn games on the lands of Arcona;

  • participate in the development of the economy of our Metaverse;

  • invest in collections of rare NFT assets;

  • join all promotions and events that take place regularly in the Arcona Metaverse.

The Digital Land

It is the most valuable and reliable asset of the Arcona Metaverse.

The global layer of augmented reality has already completely covered the planet. It is in it that all the most interesting things take place - games, virtual shows and exhibitions, historical reconstructions and much more.

By purchasing a piece of Digital Land, you become its full owner.

The Digital Land is divided into plots of 100 m2. Each of them is a unique NFT ARDL. Geographic coordinates, main characteristics and property rights are fixed in its smart contract.

How to make money on the Digital Land?

You can resell it inside and outside the system, rent it out, and most importantly, develop and equip your territories.

On the Digital Land, you can organize a paid attraction and earn income from each user, or you can arrange a virtual show that will attract the attention of a huge number of people and profit from interested advertisers.

Buy the Digital Land on Arcona Marketplace

Buy the Digital Land on OpenSea

If you want to buy a plot for a specific project, contact the team, we will help you find a suitable place and evaluate the landscape in terms of the advantageous location of AR content.

NFTs Domain

This is the core of your holdings.

Each NFT Domain unites neighboring parts of your lands into a single territory. The number of parcels to be combined depends on the Domain denomination.

NFT Feod - 1 plot

NFT Komturia - 2 plots

NFT Barony - 3 plots

NFT Viscountry - 7 plots

NFT Duchy - 14 plots

NFT Principality - 28 plots

NFT Dominion - 56 plots

NFT Domain you need:

• As a key element of the new Play-to-Earn Castles and Dragons game. Unite lands, establish castles, acquire titles to earn in-game income in the Arcona metaverse.

• To launch your own AR projects. You unite the sites with a Domain so that your lands become a single exhibition platform and install content for viewers on this territory. If your model does not go beyond one site - the domain is not needed.

NFTs Title

This is your aristocratic status in Arcona. The level of rights and privileges that you receive in the Metaverse depends on it.

NFT Title is an award for participation in the creation of the Augmented Reality World, the development of the Digital Lands and the development of the Arcona economy.

Your rank is confirmed by a 3D crest that you can place in the Digital Lands or your own castle to show off your nobility to people in the real world.

NFT Title is required for those who plan to own a castle in the new Play-to-Earn game "Castles and Dragons" and earn in-game income in the Arcona metaverse.

NFTs Castles

The Сastles of Arkon are the stronghold of your realm and a source of constant gaming income in the new Play-to-Earn game Castles and Dragons.

Install a full-size 3D model of the castle on the Digital Lands in your domain and the farming program will start. Your treasury will be replenished daily with a silver coin. The amount of the daily reward will depend on the level of the castle, title and domain, as well as on your gaming and social activity.

Game configurations include Domain, Castle, Title and Land.

On the territory of the castle you can place markets with goods, silver mines, money changers' shops. Connect the money changer shop to the castle treasury to exchange silver for ARCONA at the rate and limits you set in your domain.

A new collection of NFT artillerymen

To protect their possessions, participants in the game "Castles and Dragons" will have to take on and train mercenary units, regular troops or the royal guard.

Benefits of NFT Arcona holders

Holders of NFT Arcona can combine their titles, domains and castles on one account, which will give them additional privileges in creating their own AR projects, as well as in all games and promotions that take place in our Metaverse.

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Nov 29, 2023

The Arcona Collection of NFTs holds immense potential not only for gaming but also for various businesses looking to tap into the metaverse. NFTs have revolutionized the way we perceive digital ownership, and with Arcona's innovative approach, these assets can play a pivotal role in shaping the virtual world. Moreover, the intersection of NFTs and cryptocurrency trading within the Arcona ecosystem opens up exciting opportunities for investors and collectors alike. As businesses and gaming enthusiasts explore the limitless possibilities of NFTs, it's evident that this collection is poised to have a significant impact on how we interact with the digital realm, offering a glimpse into the future of immersive experiences and financial transactions.


Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Jan 17, 2023

Hello. I really liked your game. I really love games like Warcraft. And also Argentics-style games that have good graphics and incredibly intriguing plots. And it is a pleasure to play such games.

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