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🔥 Starting at 12:00 UTC on 10/29/22, there will be a limited time sale for the next 48 hours.

At the auction, ready-to-fight playable units to attack or defend your castles.

♨️ Fatpacks will be sold with a 50% discount!

Only gold coins that you buy with ARCONA tokens (ETH and BSC network) during the promotion are accepted.

We remind you that, in agreement with the community, 1 million ARCONA tokens collected from the sale will be sent for burning! The number of coins that will be burned depends only on your activity.


Select the desired set in the section:

WYVERNS - FAT PACKS Click on the button, go to the portal, buy the required amount of gold coins.

1. hashtag of the coin purchase transaction

2. crypto wallet address

3. the name of the fatpack you paid for

Within the next 24 hours after the auction is stopped, we will deduct the indicated amount of gold from your account and send the purchase to your address.

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