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The city of Mesambria from ancient Byzantium, now known as Old Nessebar, will soon be transferred to the Arcona Metaverse.

Dive back in time for an incredible adventure and take photos of ancient Byzantine times as a souvenir.

Jump through a time portal to powerful city gates, bustling squares and opulent 3rd century AD temples.

Mysterious rituals and city bustle, a vision of ancient Mesambria on the eve of a terrible catastrophe. When thick sea water fell on the quarters of the ancient city and wiped it off the face of the earth.

Before we move part of ancient Byzantium to Arcona X-Reality Metaverse, you can still watch it in the “Old Nessebar” application on your smartphone and in a VR helmet:

  • Reliable historical reconstruction;

  • Excellent 3D graphics and animation;

  • Fascinating audio stories about the life and legends of Old Nessebar;

  • Interactive map of the islands.

Arcona® X-Reality Metaverse is an augmented reality planetary space for remotely placing geo-referenced digital content in the physical world. A simple set of tools does not require development skills and investments in technology and infrastructure.

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