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One of our ancient projects, the Pompeii Forum, will be transferred to the Arcona Metaverse in the near future.

You will not only see the majestic city and its inhabitants with your own eyes, but you will also be able to walk around it and plunge into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And the built-in audio guide will complement your trip with interesting historical facts.

You will witness the greatest historical event - the eruption of Vesuvius! Feel all the colors and horror of the last day of the fallen city.

While we're working on this, you can download the app and go on an exciting adventure through the ancient world right now

Before we move part of ancient Pompeii to Arcona X-Reality Metaverse, you can still watch it in the “PompeiyScope” application on your smartphone and in a VR helmet:

  • Reliable historical reconstruction;

  • Excellent 3D graphics and animation;

  • Fascinating audio stories;

  • Interactive map of the forum.

Arcona® X-Reality Metaverse is an augmented reality planetary space for remotely placing geo-referenced digital content in the physical world. A simple set of tools does not require development skills and investments in technology and infrastructure.

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