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The Future of Metasverses: from Gesture Control to Mind Reading

We continue our conversation about the most important XR industry trends that will make 2024 a really exciting year for the inhabitants of meta universes.


It seems that already this year we will have completely new, more convenient and natural ways to communicate with the digital world!


More and more XR devices are appearing on the market. They closely follow our hand and eye movements with built-in sensors, recognize our voice, and are slowly learning to read our thoughts. This means that soon we won't need touch screens, controllers and virtual keyboards to control our gadgets.


As expected, Apple is setting the tone here. Thanks to its powerful sensors, the Vision Pro headset captures human gestures and gaze very subtly.  The first users say that it is like real magic.


The popular Meta Quest 3 so far only tracks hand movements. But the company hints that in the near future their devices can be controlled not only by gaze, but also directly by the brain using EMG. Of course, moving virtual objects with the power of thought still sounds like pure fantasy, but no one doubts the power of artificial intelligence nymore!


With GenAI booming in 2023, the technology has made a rapid leap forward.  Already today it recognizes and creates text, audio, video content and even 3D models. And once it's in XR headsets, it's completely changing the way the gadget works.


Imagine that your device already has its own eyes and ears in the form of various sensors, and now it has its own intelligence, albeit artificial... This opens up incredible opportunities for more intuitive interaction with the world.


A prime example of such possibilities is the December debut of Meta Ray-Ban's new generation of smart glasses equipped with generative AI.

They were demonstrated by Mark Zuckerberg himself. He asked the glasses to pick out his clothes, translate from Spanish, guess a strange fruit, and come up with a funny caption for a photo.


This year has already seen the premieres of wearable devices with support for a wide variety of artificial intelligence systems, from OpenAI and Anthropic to smarter versions of Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. And they're going to require XR-worthy apps.


Of course, this is a real challenge for developers and interface designers.  And the Arcona team has a big and very exciting job ahead of them this year!


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