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Updated: Jan 20

Tip: You'll know where the magic buttons is if you read the interface button hint before you start walking.


Inventory - tap the icon on the sphere to open a 3D interface of your inventory.

Secret code - tap the icon on the sphere to load a code generator machine into AR, which will provide you with a code to register WEB 3.0.


Upon entering the metareality, you will be greeted by a real miracle: a small red corgi fox.

You can control Foxy by clicking on her, or hide her using the "Hide familiar" button

More details about your familiar

This magical spirit friend, a prototype AI bot will be ready to accompany you every step of the way, sharing its knowledge and giving valuable advice.

In the future, you will be able to choose her form yourself, even turning her into a dragon or a human. For now, this cute little fox just shows that augmented reality is already active.


When you enter metareality, you find yourself in a landing clearing. You can leave the clearing or simply turn it off before starting the walk.

More detail about landing clearing

The landing clearing is surrounded by several information panels. If you approach them, you will find several teleports.

By touching the image on the notice board, you can move to various objects installed in different parts of the world to contemplate these works.

There are also two advertising boards installed in the landing clearing. You can click on the board and post your video clip there, and other players will see it.


Inventory - tap the icon on the sphere to open a 3D interface of your inventory.

3D Interface for editing custom scenes:


Skip — tap the icon in the side menu. In teleportation mode, allows you to teleport to a random castle. The button can be activated using a premium account

Skip — tap the icon in combat mode, allows you to skip the animation of your unit. The button can be activated using a premium account.

Timer — tap the icon to open the tournament ticket purchase menu.

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